:: Seattle Area Paintball Fields

Seattle Area Paintball Fields

Seattle Area Paintball Field Reservations

There are no paintball fields in Seattle, but these three are close.  Click on a paintball field's logo or link below to get details and make your reservation.  

Call at (206) 402-6042 for Seattle Area Paintball Field information and reservations.  Our phone lines are open from 9 am to 9 pm Pacific Time.  


North of Seattle

Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft Banner

Monkey Time Paintball Park

Monkey Time Paintball Park is 47 miles or 1 hour north of Seattle and features: 

  • 30 acres of woods

  • 5 courses 

  • Private Groups of 10 to 100 players


South of Seattle

Paintball & Airsoft Field Banner

Paintball and Airsoft Field

Click here for Paintball & Airsoft Field information, prices and reservations.  

Paintball and Airsoft Field is 62 miles or 1 hour 20 minutes south of Seattle (even closer to Tacoma) and features:

  • Log Tower and woods

  • Cool courses and props

  • Private Groups of 2 to 100 players


East of Seattle

Eastside Paintball Banenr

Eastside Paintball Field

Click here for Eastside Paintball Field information, prices and reservations.  

Eastside Paintball Field is 31 miles or 45 minutes north east of Seattle (even closer to Bellevue) and features:

  • 10 acres of woods

  • 2 courses

  • Private Groups of 10 to 50 players



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Travel distances and times based on information obtained from Google Maps.


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